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your machine maintenance and repairs.
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Track location with a simple check-in.

EQ TRACKER makes it easy to track location for all your equipment without using manufacturer-specific and expensive systems so you can track any piece of equipment no matter how small. Plus, you can add notes and photos (coming soon) with every check-in so you can quickly know the location and state of your equipment.

At-a-glance maintenance schedules.

With just a few taps, EQ TRACKER shows you the upcoming maintenance and necessary part numbers for all your machines or just the machine you're looking for.

Group members

Get your entire company to participate. Invite your drivers and operators to your EQ TRACKER account, and they can check-in machines and complete maintenance. With minimal training, your entire company can keep your systems up to date.

A new and better way to manage dirt

Stay ahead of the competition, give your clients quick turn around times for their dirt hauling needs